"Bicycles WelcoME"

September 20, 2016

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s “Bicycles WelcoME” training and certification is dedicated to making businesses more appealing to bicycle-riding visitors, whether they are locals on a lunch ride or visitors on a vacation tour.

More than a tourism training, the two-hour long "Bicycles WelcoME" training offers insight into what sets bicycle riders apart from other market segments, and how you can tap into their enthusiasm for the sport to attract and hold their business.

The Bicycles WelcoME certification is about recognizing and serving the needs of bicycle riders at a level that makes sense for your business, in order to help your business attract and keep this valuable market.
The next round of Bicycles WelcoME trainings are coming to Washington County in early October!  Events are scheduled for:

NOTE: Trainings are contingent upon minimum enrollment of 5 per session

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James Tassé

Assistant Director

Bicycle Coalition of Maine