Celebrate Brownfields Redevelopment Success!

May 28, 2015

Open House and Community BBQ - Pembroke Town Office - May 29, 2015

Come celebrate the Washington County Brownfields program at the Pembroke Town Office!

As a former vehicle maintenance garage and fleet fueling facility for Maine DOT the site of the new Pembroke Town Office posed unknown environmental impacts from potential release of solvents and petroleum, and multiple underground storage tanks (USTs). The Town of Pembroke, having no municipal office, was interested in receiving the property from Maine DOT and sought assistance from the Washington County Brownfields Assessment Program to ensure they would not be accepting environmental risk from past use.

Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments identified low to moderate concentrations of petroleum contaminants that posed no significant risk to area water wells or future commercial on-site operations. The acquired the property from Maine DOT in 2013, and completed renovations for the municipal office building in 2014. The facility now provides space for offices, document storage, public meetings, and outdoor equipment storage. 

Maine DOT garage "before"      Pembroke Town Office "after"

Maine DOT garage "Before"                                                                   Pembroke Town Office "After"