Community Development 

Jonseboro-Roque Bluffs Fire Sub-StationWCCOG assists Washington County communities seeking state, federal and other support for local planning and development.

Community Development Block Grants

Last year (FY2016), Maine's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, administered by the Office of Community Development, made grants worth $10.7 million to Maine communities.

In FY2017, the program will make grants worth over $10.7 million.

Income Surveys and the 2014 release of American Community Survey Data

With the release of income data from the American Community Survey, thirteen Washington County towns that were formerly eligible for CDBG are no longer eligible and 5 municipalities are now eligible. Download a list of the changes in eligibility here. Several Washington County towns are exercising their right to prepare a town wide income survey of residents to challenge the data in the American Community Survey. More information on the need to prepare an income survey is available here.

Specific grant programs are available to eligible community to assist with (click on each category for example projects in Washington County):

CDBG Grant Writing Resources

WCCOG is a source of information and grant preparation assistance for the Community Development Block Grant program. We can also help your community identify sources of matching funds. Various forms related to the CDBG Program as well as applicable deadline information. The calendar for FY2016 is available below.

Map of Census Blocks in Washington County
Check the status of your community's Comprehensive Plan

CDBG Deadlines for the FY2017 Program Year*

Click here for a single page PDF of the CDBG Deadlines for the FY2017 Program Year for posting at your desk.

NOTE - Links to all of the following Forms in WORD and PDF format can be downloaded

from the Applications Process page of the Office of Community Development web site.


Letter of Intent Due Date

Application Due Date By Invitation Only

Downtown Revitalization

January 27, 2017

March 31, 2017

Economic Development

1st Friday of January, February, March, and April**

May 26, 2017


1st Friday of May, June, and July**

August 25, 2017

Housing Assistance

March 10, 2017

May 5, 2017

Micro-Enterprise Assistance

1st Friday of January, February, and March **

April 28, 2017


1st Friday of April, May, and June**

July 28, 2017

Public Facilities

January 13, 2017


Public Infrastructure***



Special Projects *



Urgent Need



Workforce Development

May 6, 2017**

June 17, 2017


July 1, 2017**

August 12, 2017

* Subject to availability of funds

** If the first Friday of the month falls on a holiday the Economic Development, Workforce Development, and Micro-Enterprise Assistance Letter(s) of Intent will be due by 4:00PM on the next business day.

*** Public Infrastructure – No Letters of Intent or Applications will be accepted for the 2017 Program year.  The projects of Machias, Lincolnville, Ashland, and East Millinocket, who submitted applications in 2016, are being funded in 2017.

For more information, please contact Judy East (454-0465).