Floodplain Management Videos

January 23, 2015

FEMA Contractor H2O Partners has created four YouTube videos geared for community officials.

The videos linked below are geared to a national audience and so state/local requirements may differ than what is in the video.

Each one is 6-10 minutes and cover the following topics:

How The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Works for Floodplain Managers

Who can buy flood insurance? Who is in a flood zone? Who has to buy flood insurance?

The Role of the Elevation Certificate in Floodplain Management

The Elevation Certificate is an important and versatile tool used by floodplain administrators.

Map Changes for Floodplain Manager

Flood map changes affect the community, constituents, and flood insurance rating. Newer mapping technology provides better risk management and decision making. Learn what the options are to help reduce flood insurance premiums for property owners in your community.

Wildfire Exceptions to the 30-Day Wait

One of the key requirements of the Wildfire Exception is the purchase of flood insurance no later than 60 days after the fire containment date. This video presents three scenarios to explain when the Waiting Period Exception may apply.