Grants for Culvert Upgrades 2016

November 10, 2015

Grants for Culvert Upgrades Coming Up

The Department of Environmental Protection is inviting proposals for projects to implement public infrastructure at stream crossings, including culvert upgrades. Project poroposals must address inprovements, modifications, repairs or upgrades to existing culverts or stream crossings.

Eligible Applicants include:

Individuals, businesses, municipalities, unorganized and deorganized townships, counties, soil and water conservation districts, regional planning commissions, watershed districts, and incorporated nonprofit organizations with federal tazx exempt status. Gratns cannot be given on culvert replacements that ahve already ocurred

Application Downloads:

Request for Proposals

Application form - fillable PDF

Application form - MS Word document

DEP Response to Frequently Asked Questions - issued June 26, 2015

Fact Sheet

Dates to keep in mind:

FY1 - Third Round: January 2016, Dates not yet announced

FY2 - First Round:

Criteria for Awards

Benefit to water quality; habitat improvement for fish and wildlife; improvements to public safety, resiliency measures for flood protection at the site and downstream.