Homeland Security Grants

April 15, 2014

Homeland Security Grant program now open for 2013

This grant provides funding to better prepare Washington County communities and first responders to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from manmade and natural hazards of all types. Group applications, Memorandums of Understanding, multi organizational and collaborative efforts with civic groups to serve the greatest need with the most efficient delivery are strongly encouraged.

To apply for grant funds each applicant must answer the questionnaire regarding NIMS compliance (download it here) and affirm that your municipality or organization is 100% compliant at the time of application. Failure to be in compliance may result in forfeiture of any funds awarded.

Please note that the Grant Guidance is dated 2012 and unchanged since then (download it here). You may use the guidance in your application (download application here).

Closing date is May 5th, 2014 at the Washington County Emergency Management Office.

Among the Tasks which have been identified by Maine’s Homeland Security Advisory Council, the following have the highest priority:

  1. Continue All-hazards planning
  2. Improve Critical Infrastructure protection
  3. Provide WMD/Terrorism/HAZMAT response training to first responders
  4. Improve Interoperable Communications
  5. Support the statewide exercise program
  6. Support Special Team needs
  7. Support Mass Care plans,  exercises, & needs
  8. Support Law Enforcement-specific preparedness and prevention needs

Refer to the Grant Guidance for more detail on how to prepare your application.