The University of Maine Machias is leading a research and policy initiative utilizing the unique physical and human geography of Machias Bay to study, design, implement and evaluate ocean acidification/climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. 

Funding will be provided through the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry for two interns for this initiative for to complete the following tasks:

Field Data Collection, Assistance to William Otto, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Provide assistance in data collection in tidal areas of Machias Bay with a particular focus on shellfish flats based on field sampling protocols to be tested and confirmed by Dr. Otto in early field season of 2016. Intern will assist with data collection for salinity, pH, temperature, and other materials in solution in latter part of 2016 field season.

Real Time GIS Mapping of Precipitation-Related Flats Closure Decisions, Assistance to Dr. Tora Johnson, Assistant Professor of Geographic Information Systems and Director of GIS Service Center
Demonstrate integration of rainfall-related closure information, currently provided in PDF format, into real time online GIS mapping systems for use by shellfish harvesters in the field.

In addition, WCCOG staff will participate in this undertaking, including project administration and reporting. 

The Machias Bay Initiative identifies WCCOG as a participant in the work including participation in meetings as work progresses, outreach to municipal leaders, and participation in a spring 2017 conference when the results will be shared to the research and larger community.  Deliverables will include summaries of meetings, outreach efforts with municipal leaders, posting of information on the project to the WCCOG web site, and participation in the spring 2017 conference.