Transportation Alternatives Program – TAP

This program assists with funding sidewalks, pedestrian crossing improvements, off-road transportation- related trails, downtown transportation improvements, etc. The goal of this program is to improve transportation and safety, and promote economic development. Each project has a 20% local match requirement. To be eligible for inclusion in the next MaineDOT three-year work plan announced each January, MaineDOT must be notified officially that the local match and overall project has been approved by June 30 of any given year.

For more information please contact Patrick Adams at 624-3311 or at

Small Harbor Improvement Program – SHIP

This program promotes economic development, public access, improved commercial fishing opportunities and works to preserve, and create, infrastructure at facilities in tidewater and coastal municipalities. The SHIP program assists municipalities in improving or creating facilities, such as public wharves, piers, landings and boat ramps. Proposed projects must be on current or proposed public access facilities. If the project is not on public property, the public must have easement rights for at least 100 years. There is a required 50% local share under this program. The SHIP program can provide up to $250,000 in assistance towards eligible projects.

For more information please contact: To Be Determined

Boating Infrastructure Grant – BIG

This program is administered in Maine by the MaineDOT and funded through the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  The BIG program provides grant funds to construct, renovate, and maintain tie-up facilities with features for transient boaters in vessels 26 feet or more in length. The MaineDOT may partner with local governments, private marinas and others to fund eligible projects. 

For more information please contact: To Be Determined

Municipal Partnership Initiative – MPI

This program is intended to help develop, fund, and build projects of municipal interest on the state infrastructure system with MaineDOT as a partner.  This program will respond to municipal interests, leverage economic opportunities, and improve safety whenever possible while ensuring the public gets good value for their tax dollars.  When a municipality indicates interest in making an eligible improvement or adding to the scope of an existing MaineDOT Project, the request is forwarded to the DOT Regional Office for action.  Shortly thereafter, the Region Engineer meets with the municipal official to scope out the project.  The scoping, approval, agreement, and development processes will be as lean and simple as possible so that a Cooperative Agreement can be signed within 2 months if all goes well. Unless waived by the Commissioner, the state funding contribution for a project will be capped at $500,000 and generally has a state share of 50% or less. 

For more information:  Contact the Region Manager or Region Engineer

Steven Thebarge, Region Manager, or John Devin, Bangor,  Both Steven and John can be reached at 207-941-4500.