Membership Renewal 

The Washington County Council of Governments (WCCOG) consists of a General Assembly, Executive Committee, Officers, and professional staff.  The General Assembly meets at the annual meeting and is composed of municipally appointed representatives of member communities such as town managers, planning board members or concerned citizens. 

The Executive Committee is composed of elected officials from each member community.  WCCOG Officers are Executive Committee members, elected by the General Assembly to guide the future direction of WCCOG and the services we provide.

Dues letters are sent out in October-November at the beginning of the fiscal year that starts on October 1.

Prior to 2013 member dues had not increased in over 15 years. The General Assembly directed staff to analyze our dues structure and recommend an increase to the General Assembly. The Executive Committee voted in favor of increasing dues over 3 years in a stepped up fashion to ease the impact on municipal budgets. The 3rd and final increase took effect in 2015; dues will not increase again in the foreseeable future.

The analysis of dues and a recommended increase can be downloaded here. For a description of why we needed an increase in dues, how we came up with the recommendation, and a summary of what you get for your dues - click here.

Please direct any questions to Judy East, who will be more than happy to help your community get involved in the WCCOG.

Other Councils of Governments' around Maine calculate their memberships in a variety of ways. Click here to view a spreadsheet.