Plan Outline ~ Plan Documents

As the Regional Plan develops draft chapters will be posted here for review and input by the Planning Committee.

Planning Committee deliberations (schedule, agendas and minutes) are available here.

Vision for the Planning Initiative: To create a proactive planning and zoning framework for development and conservation within the Unorganized Territories of Washington County – guided by, customized for, and supported by landowners, businesses and community leaders in the UT and Washington County.

Executive Summary (Draft dated 6-7-2017)

6 pages 224KB

Context (Chapter Draft dated 6-3-2017)

9 pages 850KB PDF

Collaboration (Chapter Draft dated 6-3-2017)

25 pages 3.4 MB PDF

Celebration (Chapter Draft dated 6-4-2017)

14 pages 2.3 MB

Contemplation (Chapter Draft dated 6-6-2017

49 pages 4.1MB PDF

Consensus (Chapter Draft dated 6-6-2017)

30 pages  3MB PDF

 If you are interested in serving on any of the Committees or in receiving updates on the Stakeholders list please contact the Supervisor of the Washington County UT Dean Preston (207-255-8919) or Judy East (207-454-0465)


Appendix 1 — Planning Committee

Appendix 2 — Written Public Input

Appendix 3 — Land Cover Classification Definitions

Appendix 4 — Fisheries Maps

Appendix 5 — Non-Residential Permit Detail

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