Plan Outline ~ Plan Documents

Final documents for the Regional Plan are now posted below.

Planning Committee deliberations (schedule, agendas and minutes) are available here.

Vision for the Planning Initiative: To create a proactive planning and zoning framework for development and conservation within the Unorganized Territories of Washington County – guided by, customized for, and supported by landowners, businesses and community leaders in the UT and Washington County.

Entire Document in one PDF (13.3 MB) 175 pages **NEW Version with full Table of Contents**

Individual PDFs:

Cover and Acknowledgements

Executive Summary  6 pages 224KB

Chapter 1 — Context  9 pages 850KB PDF

Chapter 2 — Collaboration   25 pages 2.5 MB PDF

Chapter 3 — Celebration  14 pages 2.3 MB

Chapter 4 — Contemplation  49 pages 4.7MB PDF

Chapter 5 — Consensus  30 pages  3MB PDF

Appendix 1 — Planning Committee

Appendix 2 — Written Public Input

Appendix 3 — Land Cover Classification Definitions

Appendix 4 — Fisheries Maps

Appendix 5 — Non-Residential Permit Detail

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