Downeast Coastal Scenic Inventory

In 2009, the Washington County Council of Governments (WCCOG) and the Hancock County Planning Commission ((HCPC) prepared an inventory of key scenic and historic views as seen from public places in down east coastal towns. The results of the scenic inventory will be useful to communities for updating comprehensive plans, preparing grant applications, creating village improvement strategies, and tourism promotion as well as developing land protection strategies.

Down East Coastal Scenic Inventory Report (PDF 3.3MB) 2-10-10

A full version of the Scenic Inventory (include scenic area assessments with maps, descriptions and photos) will be soon through available through the Maine Coastal Program website.

Users interested in accessing the assessment for a specific scenic area may use the interactive map below. It depicts the location of over 200 scenic area assessed as part of the Down East Coastal Scenic Inventory. Click on the camera icons for to download the assessment for individual scenic areas.

For best viewing result, please click here to open the map in a separate window.


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