Shoreland Zoning

The Mandatory Shoreland Zoning Act, 38 M.R.S.A. sections 435-449, requires all municipalities to adopt, administer, and enforce ordinances which regulate land use activities within 250 feet of great ponds, rivers, freshwater and coastal wetlands, including all tidal waters; and within 75 feet of streams as defined.

In cooperation with the University of Maine at Machias GIS Service Center, WCCOG has created draft digital Shoreland Zoning maps for every organized town in Washington County. Use of the digital format maps is a service provided to WCCOG member municipalities and completely voluntary.

Several towns who have used the digital Shoreland Zoning maps have also created digital parcel maps to make identification of district boundaries more precise. Not all information is in digital format so WCCOG is working with participating towns to revise and correct any map inaccuracies, to incorporate local information and create a final digital map product.

WCCOG can assist your community to review and revise your Shoreland Zoning Ordinance and Shoreland Zoning map and provide technical assistance with ordinance adoption. WCCOG can also post the documents on our web site while your community conducts the mandatory public review and hearing process.

Recent Projects

Town of Dennysville Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

Town of Dennysville Shoreland Zoning Map

(13MB PDF; 24" by 48" page size - posted in Town Clerk's office)

Town of Beddington Zoning Ordinance & Maps

Town of Cutler Shoreland Zoning Ordinance and Maps

Town of Columbia Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (PDF 226 KB) 9/9/09

For more information, please contact Judy East at 454-0465.