Transportation Planning  

WCCOG provides a variety of transportation planning services.

We provide towns with the assistance they need to find solutions to transportation issues including:

WCCOG also works in partnership with the Maine Department of Transportation to ensure Washington County priorities are heard in statewide planning efforts.

Route 1 Mobility and Safety

As the primary transportation corridor for coastal Washington County, Route 1 (along with the designated Route 1A  corridors in Milbridge, and Harrington; and Jonesboro, Whitneyville and Machias) provides vital transportation links for freight, commuter and tourist traffic moving into, out of and through coastal Washington County.

Route 1 (or designated Route 1A corridors) serves as the “Main Street” for many communities in the region including: Milbridge, Cherryfield, Harrington, Jonesboro, Whitneyville, Machias, East Machias, Whiting, Perry, Pembroke, Robbinston and Calais. Multiple, clustered, curb cuts and reduced speed limits in these areas with higher densities of development impede the movement of through traffic along the corridor. Additionally, anticipated development of seasonal and year-round homes in coastal communities along the corridor will result in increased commuter and tourist traffic throughout Washington County.

Municipal land use regulations must play a role in preserving the corridor’s ability to serve as a regional transportation artery. At the same time, design solutions that facilitate the separation of freight from commuter and tourist traffic are also needed to maintain an adequate level of service.

The Route 1 Mobility and Safety Analysis (PDF 1.8 MB) 2007 identifies three primary strategies for separating freight from commuter and tourist traffic:

Along the approximately 100-mile corridor between Steuben and downtown Calais, the Route 1 Mobility and Safety Analysis identified 16 locations where roadway improvements for turning access are needed. This report recommends that MDOT make necessary roadway improvements for turning access at all 16 identified locations. We also identified 11 potential sites for scenic pull-outs to facilitate separation of tourist and freight traffic; and 26 potential locations for passing lanes. This report recommends development of four additional scenic pull-outs; and at least four passing lanes in each direction.

The following list contains links to individual maps (PDF's) along Route 1 (map order starts in Steuben end ends in Calais) on an aerial photo base map depicting wetlands, slopes and potential locations for turning lanes, passing lanes and scenic turn-offs.

Steuben to Columbia Falls:
Columbia Falls to Machias:
Machias to Whiting:
Whiting to Calais