Transportation-Related workshops 2018

April 18, 2017

1)    Several Local Roads Center workshops are planned in the coming months for local officials/employees and the schedule can be seen here: .

2)   The upcoming “Crosswalks & Sidewalks” workshop is a breakfast session until noon and will concentrate on improving pedestrian safety in Maine and ensuring compliance with Federal ADA requirements.  We will also be offering eligible towns the opportunity to apply for and receive one of 40 pairs of “rapid rectangular flashing beacons” valued at $5,000 each for use at a specific crosswalk location in your town/city.

3)   The Spring meeting of the Maine Chapter of the American Public Works Association (MCAPWA) will be in Waterville on the morning of April 6.  The agenda is another beneficial program for local officials.  The MCAPWA is a group of Maine public works professionals who do many activities for Maine towns and cities.  For the latest information and membership info, go to their brand new website at   In addition to member benefits, the Local Roads Center gives direct discounts to members who attend our workshops.

4)   The upcoming “work zone traffic control” workshop will happen from April to June and if any of your municipal employees need this training, now is the time to send them.  It is the same program as the last few years.

5)   MaineDOT is currently accepting applications for bicycle and pedestrian projects with a target construction date of 2020. Although available funding varies from year to year, roughly $2.3 million in federal funds is allocated annually for the Department’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program with a maximum grant award of $400,000 and a required 20 percent local match.
For general information about the program, a description of the application process or application materials go to . This site also has information on projects previously approved by MaineDOT that are currently in design or awaiting construction.   Contact is Patrick Adams at 207/624-3311 or .

6)   MaineDOT is offering “Local Project Administration” training on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at the Augusta Civic Center. This training is open to city and town officials interested in undertaking federally funded MaineDOT projects with funding from MaineDOT. The program will cover the basic requirements for overseeing a project. Successful completion will result in a certification that is valid for 4 years. Additionally, participants will earn 6 professional development hours, if applicable. The cost of the program is $40, which includes all materials and lunch. For more information, please contact Mike Laberge, MaineDOT’s Local Projects Coordinator, at (207) 624-3508 or   Information is available online: