Washington County Summer Food Service Program

June 28, 2013

USDA Summer Food Service Program

During the summer of 2013 the USDA Summer Food Service Program will provide an estimated $185,116 to 5 new sponsoring organizations to serve an estimated total of 63,162 nutritious meals to an average 556 children per day at 10 sites in 8 Washington County communities. When added to sites that participated in previous years, $217,529 of USDA funds will be spent in Washington County to feed an average 800 children per day in 12 communities, including 50 Native American and 100 migrant participants. This represents 18% of the school-age population. In addition to providing food service employment opportunities, it is my hope that much of the food will be purchased from local producers and distributers. UMaine Extension and Washington County: One Community are providing fun and engaging nutrition education activities at many of the sites.

Contact infomration for the program and the sites can be downloaded here.

Contact infromation and the schedule to the Woodland/Baileyville/Calais/Baring/Alexander area can be downloaded here.

Please post in your municipal buildings and forward to any/all who could benefit!