Shellfish - Part of Community Culture

Maintaining a coastal identity includes participating in all things ocean. Join in the support of the shellfish resource, whether the reason is to strengthen the sense of culture in the community or attract tourists to the character of Maine's coast. 

Conservation activities on the mudflats occur annually or more often. Contact your local shellfish committee through the municipal office or the shellfish warden.

Clambakes can highlight the significance and revisit the history of the shellfish industry. Your local municipal clerk may know about such events.

Exploring the nooks and crannies of your region isn't just for tourists! In addition to the partners on the left, check out other groups for activities and projects of interest. Photo of people accessing mudflats

Supporting community culture includes learning about traditional routes of access to the shellfish resource. If you are a new landowner on the coast, introduce yourself to the local shellfish committee. Harvesters may not automatically know when land changes ownership. The best way to avoid and resolve conflicts is open communication. 

What else can landowners do?