Services to Member Municipalities

Day in and day out member towns benefit from having access to a small office of trained professionals that they could not hire themselves. Specific services include access to training and technical assistance, GIS mapping services, a resource library including access to census data, notice of funding opportunities and help in getting that money, a document respository, gaining insights into municipal issues and needs through collaboration with other municipalities, and contributing to a regional voice and vision for Washington County.

Every year WCCOG sends its members an annual summary of Services and Accomplishments. Some towns include it in their town reports; all can use it for reference. Annual Services and Accomplishments summaries are available for download below.

WCCOG Services and Accomplishments Summary for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Training for Code Enforcement Officers, Local Plumbing Inspectors and Planning Boards

Code Enforcement Officers and Local Plumbing Inspectors can arrange to take their Certification Maintenance tests in the WCCOG office in Calais and avoid driving all the way to Augusta - all tests are available, please contact Judy East (454-0465) to arrange a time.

The Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code was adopted in 2009. The Code Enforcement Training and Certification Program (formerly housed at the State Planning Office) is offering training and certification programs in cooperation with the Department of Public Safety. Questions about the new Code and training are available here. The form from the State Planning Office for you to obtain credit for outside training is available for here.

Training Workshops in 2014-15:

View Full List of Upcoming Trainings & Workshops

Technical Assistance

WCCOG staff provides consultation on the State Subdivision Legislation, State Shoreland Zoning Regulations, Growth Management Legislation, general land use, municipal ordinances and Floodplain Management. WCCOG hosts workshops throughout the year and provides training directly to municipal boards. 

We also provide regular notices about training offered by the Maine Municipal Association and the multiple agencies of State government that affect land use and publc investments.

Your Community by the Numbers Workshop (held in Machias, Calais and Caribou on Dec 14, 2011) provided information on how to use the American FactFinder data retrieval tool on the Census Bureau web site to get data for grant writing, market research and planning for economic development. Handouts and presentation materials included:

Data Sets Reference Tool (501KB PDF)

Workshop powerpoint presentation (684KB )PDF

MachiasME Data Profile (107KB PDF)

To schedule a training for one of your boards, please contact Judy East (454-0465).

Funding Opportunties

Member municipalities receive frequent e-mails notifications of a wide range of funding opportunties. The most recent grant opportunties are listed here and, as many recur annually, are also archived for reference and future edits and re-posting as programs recur.

Funding Opportunites in 2014-15

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Resource Library  

WCCOG also offers an extensive library with publications on many topics of interest to municipal officials. This includes US Census data, Comprehensive Planning and Watershed Planning resources, soils maps, videotapes on various topics such as code enforcement, subdivision review and water quality.

GIS Mapping Services 

The Washington County Council of Governments (WCCOG) offers a variety of GIS mapping services to area communities. WCCOG can assist communities by creating:

Examples of recent mapping projects include maps of Beddington draft Shoreland Zoning, Cherryfield's Historic Overlay District, and Machiasport's Proposed Mooring Configuration for Bucks Harbor.

Maps can be delivered in a variety of digital and print formats, including poster-sized wall maps.

In addition to map creation, WCCOG can work with communities to create customized spatial data sets and conduct spatial analysis for a variety of purposes using geographic information systems (GIS) software. 

Grant funding is available to assist with some mapping and spatial analysis projects. For more information about WCCOG Mapping Services or to discuss how WCCOG's spatial analysis services can support decision making in your community, please contact Judy East (454-0465).

Town Document Postings

Member municipalities with no web sites of their own can post documents on the WCCOG web site. Most commonly residents and visitors seek access to local regulations and ordinances.

sample text to legislators requesting support for reinstatement of Municipal Planning Assistance grants 3-17-2017