Working Waterfront 

The working waterfront is an essential part of the economic base of Washington County. The WCCOG has worked with coastal communities and partners from around the State of several initiatives to support the culture and economy of the working waterfront with particular emphasis on securing permanent access to the water.

In 2011, the Sunrise County Economic Council announced the Down East Commercial Fisheries Fund, a Washington County-based loan fund for fisheries and related marine businesses. Loans range from $1000 - $10,000 and can be used for boat and gear acquisition, creation or expansion of value added products, marketing, energy efficiency, training and others. Contact SCEC directly 255-0983 or online at

In an innovative approach to addressing community concerns about the loss of working waterfront, WCCOG worked with the towns of Jonesport and Beals to develop Moosebec: The Downeast Fishing Community of Beals and Jonesport (PDF, 648 KB), an informational brochure designed to better inform new and prospective residents about the realities of life in a fishing community.

WCCOG incorporates working waterfront access considerations into Comprehensive Plans and Comprehensive Plan Updates. WCCOG has also helped communities in Washington County development Harbor Management Plans and has worked with communities to secure working waterfront access through participation in Maine’s Working Waterfront Access Pilot Program and other grant program, including Maine DOT Small Harbor Improvement Program (SHIP) and CDBG Public Facilities Grants.


For more information, please contact Judy East at 454-0465.

Down East Coastal Access Forum

Recent, widespread shifts in coastal land ownership and uses are bringing about change in the traditional patterns of coastal access in Maine. These changes have important impacts on water-dependant industries as well as recreational and private property users.

In cooperation with multiple partners, WCCOG helped to host the Downeast Forum on Coastal Access on January 19, 2006. The purpose of the forum was to bring together people with diverse coastal access interests to encourage: sharing of perceived problems; finding common ground; sharing resources and tools; developing cooperative, collaborative, and mutually-beneficial solutions in downeast Maine.


For more information, please contact Judy East at 454-0465.