Comprehensive Plan Status in Washington County Communities

Click the image below of the Comprehensive Plan Status Map and the on-line map will open in another browser window/tab.

Once you are viewing the online map you can view details on the status of local Comprehensive Plans for all incorporated towns in Washington County.


The color coded legend indicates whether a town has a Comprehensive Plan, whether it is consistent with state law, and whether it is locally adopted. When you click on a town you will see more details on its current status such as dates of adoption and consistency expiration etc. See the example image below for Lubec.

If the Comprehensive Plan documents and maps are on-line the last field in the information window will provide a link to the web page where the documents can be downloaded.





Adoption refers to adoption by the local legislative body after a public hearing with a minimum notice period of 30 days.
Consistent (yes/no) refers to a formal finding by the Municipal Planning Program at the Department of Agriculture, Conservatoin and Forestry (formerly the State Planning Office) of consistency with the Growth Management Act.
Please contact Judy East if you have any updates to the information above. In particular the adoption dates are not available in the older files when the WCCOG was the Washington County Regional Planning Commission.