Shellfish Resources - Information, Assistance and Funding

Many agencies, organizations and institutions provide landowners and municipalities with additional information about the shellfish resource and its significance to local economies. Technical assistance and funding may be available to support actions that improve water quality.

Maine Department of Marine Resources

The supervisor of the Municipal Program is also the Area Biologist in Washington County: contact information.

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention

With the mission to minimize health and safety hazards associated with improperly installed subsurface wastewater disposal systems for disposal of human waste (septic systems), this agency assists municipal officials with addressing failing septic systems that can contribute bacteria to shellfish flats.

Maine Department of Environmental Protection

This agency aims to abate and prevent water and land pollution. Resources are available for municipal officials, owners of overboard discharges (OBD) and landowners in the watersheds of shellfish flats. These pages include contact information.

Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry 

This agency assists municipal planners, farmers and landowners to ensure water quality is protected. These pages include contact information.

Natural Resources Conservation Service

The National Conservation Practice Standards list information and choices for choosing management strategies best suited for each farm.

The District Conservationist for NRCS is also the local SWCD contact for Washington County: contact information.


The Water Infrastructure Investment project includes a new resource for municipalities, the Decentralized Wastewater Systems manual, as an alternative to centralized sewage disposal systems.

Maine State Housing Authority

The Home Repair Program provides information, and contact information, about grants and loans available to low-income homeowners, which could be used for septic system repairs.

USDA Rural Development Program

Water and waste disposal direct loans and grants are used to develop water and waste disposal systems in rural areas. Funds are available to public bodies, non-profit corporations and tribes. 

Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education

Emerging from the clam flats in Washington County, this institute is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people of coastal Maine, and operates out of Beals.

Maine Clammers Assoication

While based in Freeport, this group provides voice to the clammers and resources for communities.

Maine Sea Grant

Supporting research and discourse on shellfish is one way this program extension of the University of Maine works on issues of concern to Maine's coastal communities.

For information about projects and events Downeast, contact the marine Extension Team in Eastport.

Downeast Fisheries Trail

This project connects people to historic and activite fisheries sites.

Down East Resource Conservation and Development

This collaboration takes on projects that address economic development, education, recreation, sustainable tourism and more. 


FB Environmental

This organization is pioneering the use of pollution sniffing dogs. At that link, you can watch a video on canine detection and find contact information.