Regional Transportation Planning 

As the state designated Regional Planning Organization (RPO) for Washington County, WCCOG works with Maine DOT and other transportation stakeholders on various regional transportation planning projects. Recent statewide coordination and regional transportation planning efforts include:

Other useful regional and statewide transportation plans:

Route 1 Mobility and Safety Analysis  

Route 1 is the primary transportation corridor for coastal Washington County, Route 1 and Route 1A provides vital transportation links for freight and for commuter and tourist traffic moving into, out of, and through coastal Washington County.

Municipal land use regulations must play a role in preserving the corridor’s ability to serve as a regional transportation artery. At the same time, design solutions that facilitate the separation of freight from commuter and tourist traffic are also needed to maintain an adequate level of service. 

This report identifies three primary strategies for separating freight from commuter and tourist traffic:

Click here to download a PDF (2.9 MB) version of the report. 

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