Crosswalks and Sidewalks: Improving Safety and ADA compliance

April 3, 2017
Crosswalks and Sidewalks: A breakfast session on how to improve pedestrian safety and comply with ADA rules.
Sponsored by the Maine Department of Transportation
This program is directed at municipal officials and employees who need to be aware of proper crosswalk locating, ADA (disabilities) compliance with sidewalks, and how to improve pedestrian safety.
The workshop will cover:
* Proper crosswalk locating 
* Crosswalk signing, striping & lighting 
* Making crosswalks safer
* Making sidewalks ADA-compliant 
* Sidewalk maintenance 
* Sidewalk funding options 
* School crossings
All attendees will be eligible for a FREE $5,000 set of "rapid rectangular flashing beacons" 40 pairs to be given away statewide and 1 pair per eligible town!
Sessions will be held in several locations from April 10-June 7, 7:00am - may attend at any location. Registration fee is $15.00, and includes breakfast.
Closest to Washington County are Belfast, April 24, and Brewer, May 31.
For more information, additional locations, and to register, follow these links:
Or call Robert Stevens at 1-800-498-9133;