Harrington Comprehensive Plan Update

The Harrington Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2008.

It was found Consistent with the Growth Management Act on January 15, 2009 and adopted locally on March 8, 2009.

Links to the individual chapters and maps that comprise the Harrington Comprehensive Plan are provided below.

Harrington Town DockIndividual Chapters

Table of Contents

A: Introduction

B: Cultural Resources

C: Population

D: Natural Resources

E: Economy and Employment

F: Housing

G: Marine Resources

H: Transportation

I: Public Facilities & Recreation

J: Fiscal Capacity

K: Land Use


Appendix A: Self Assessment Checklist

Appendix B: Survey Results

Appendix C: Public Participation Summary

Appendix D: Regional Coordination Program

Appendix E: Community Vision Statement

Appendix F: Plan Implementation

Appendix G: Evaluation Measures