Harrington Harbor Management Plan 

The Harrington Harbor Management Plan was completed in June of 2007. A Maritime Ordinance was also drafted but never finalized or adopted.

Links to PDF copies of the Harbor Management Plan are provided below. Paper copies of the Harbor Management Plan are also available for public review at the Town Office. 

For information about the status of current efforts to revise the Harrington Maritime Ordinance contact the Harrington Harbor Master.

Harrington Harbor Management Plan - Individual Chapters

Cover Page and Table of Contents

A: Introduction

Map 1: Location of Harrington in Washington County

B: Cultural Resources

Map 2: Cultural Resources

C: Maritime Facilties and Services

Map 3: Maritime Facilities

D: Maritime Natural Resources

Map 4: Marine Resources

  Map 5: Critical Habitat

Map 6: Topography, Steep Slopes and Soils

Appendix A - Current Programs and Authorities in Maines's Bays

Harrington Harbor Management Plan Committee (2007)

Chad Fenton

Ernest Marsden Jr., Harbor Master

Larry Nichols

Kenneth Robinson

Kevin Robinson

Jeff Strout

Joel Strout

Mark Strout

Steve Strout

Frank Thompson