Input Sought from Municipal Officials

June 19, 2015

Two statewide surveys are circulating this summer seeking municipal input on:

Public Trees and Forests....and

The 2015 Maine Statewide Historic Preservation Plan

Both Surveys Request a Response by August 1, 2015

The Maine Forest Service and Project Canopy provide technical, educational and financial assistance to cities, towns, schools and non-profit organizations throughout Maine for the care and management of public tree resources. They are gathering information to guide their program in the coming years, and to help show the value of urban and community forestry to their funders.

Here is the Project Canopy survey link 

Please forward their survey to your community leader in tree management. Examples include the Tree Warden, Public Works Director or Parks and Recreation Director.  Please respond to the survey by August 1, 2015.

Questions, please contact Jan Santerre at 207-287-4987

In accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the Maine Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for developing and updating a Comprehensive Statewide Historic Preservation Plan (the Plan). The Plan describes a vision for historic preservation in the state as a whole and outlines future direction for the State Historic Preservation Office.  The Commission is presently engaged in revising the Plan, and is soliciting public input to help identify opportunities and challenges, as well as to establish goals and strategies for the next five years.

Here is the Maine Historic Preservation Plan link