Lubec Comprehensive Plan Update

Lubec's first Comprehensive Plan was written in 1992. A lot has changed in Lubec since Athen!  Comprehensive Plan Update Committee updated the Town's Comprehensive Plan in 2009. The Comprehensive Plan Update pulls together information on a wide-range of community issues to assess trends and establish town policies. Click here to find out more about Comprehensive Planning in general.

Lubec Comp Plan CoverThe Comprehensive Plan Update Committee submitted the plan to the Maine State Planning Office to be reviewed for consistency with Maine's Growth Management Act. On October 12, 2010 the State Planning Office issues a Finding of Consistency.

A Public Hearing on the Comprehensive Plan Update was held on May 25, 2011 and revisions were made to the plan to correct some factual and typographical errors.  All chapters posted below now reflect those changes. No substantive policy changes were made at the Public Hearing. Under Maine State Law, the Comprehensive Plan must by adopted by a vote of the town's legislative body (Town Meeting).

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by voters in Lubec at the regular Annual Municipal Town Meeting of August 2nd.

Lubec Comprehensive Plan Update (2010)