Machiasport Comprehensive Plan Update

The Machiasport Comprehensive Plan Update was completed in November and submitted to the State Planning Office (SPO) for review. SPO issues a Finding of Consistency for in January 7, 2010. It was adopted at Machiasport Town Meeting on June 20, 2011.

Links to the Comprehensive Plan as a single PDF or individual chapters are provided below.

A copy of the Comprehensive Plan is also available for public review at the Town Office. 

Machiasport Comprehensive Plan (entire plan with maps) (PDF 13.5 MB) 

Individual Chapters

Cover Page (PDF 133 KB)

Table of Contents (PDF 70 KB)

A: Introduction (PDF 37 KB)

B: History & Culture (PDF 138 MB)

C: Population (PDF 50 KB)

D: Public Facilities & Recreation (PDF 385 KB)

E: Natural Resources (PDF 225 KB)

F: Economy (PDF 76 KB)

G: Marine Resources (PDF 103 KB)

H: Housing (PDF 64 KB)

I: Transportation (PDF 605 KB)

J: Fiscal Capacity (PDF 43 KB)

K: Land Use (PDF 247 KB)


Appendix A: Self Assessment Checklist (PDF 198 KB)

Appendix B: 1996 Comp Plan Executive Summary (PDF 52 KB)

Appendix C: Community Vision Statement (PDF 79 KB)

Appendix D: Public Participation Summary (PDF 12 KB )

Appendix E: Survey Responses (PDF 142 KB)

Appendix F: Plan Implementation (PDF 92 KB)

Appendix G: Evaluation Measures (PDF 12 KB)

Appendix H: Regional Coordination Program (PDF 33 KB)

Appendix I: Collisions (PDF 452 KB)

Appendix J: Finding of Consistency (PDF 2,542 KB)