Machiasport Harbor Management Plan 

The Machiasport Harbor Management Plan was completed in May of 2009. Two companion documents were also completed as part of the preparation of the Management Plan: a Best Practices Handbook and the Maritime Ordinance.

Links to PDF copies of the Harbor Management Plan, the Best Practices Handbook and the Maritime Ordinance are provided below. Paper copies of the Harbor Management Plan and the Maritime Ordinance are also available for public review at the Town Office. 

The Best Practices Handbook was printed in a small binder format. Copies are available for mariners from the Machiasport Harbor Master.

Machiasport Harbor Management Plan - Individual Chapters

Cover Page (Note large file PDF 10.2MB)

Table of Contents (PDF 69 KB)

A: Introduction (PDF 196 KB)

Map 1: Location of Machiasport in Washington County (PDF 962 KB)

B: Machiasport Cultural Resources (PDF 176 KB)

Map 2: Machiasport Cultural Resources (PDF 550 KB)

C: Maritime Facilties and Services (PDF 163 KB)

Map 3: Bucks Harbor Existing Mooring Configuration (PDF 801 KB)

Map 3A: Proposed Mooring Configuration Existing Federal Navigation Project (PDF 749 KB)

Map 3B: Proposed Mooring Configuration Expanded Federal Navigation Project (PDF 952 KB)

D: Maritime Natural Resources (PDF 363 KB)

Map 4: Machiasport Maritime Resources (PDF 635 KB)

  Map 5: Machiasport Critical Habitat (PDF 685 KB)

Map 6: Machiasport Topography, Soils and Flood Hazards (PDF 719 KB)


Machiasport Best Practices Handbook

(formatted for 3 x7 inch binder)

Cover (PDF 124 KB)

Best Practices Handbook (PDF 55 KB)


Machiasport Maritime Ordinance 

Machiasport Maritime Ordinance - adopted May 27, 2008 (PDF 81 KB)