Plumbing for Water and Wastewater Personnel, Oct. 1

August 29, 2014

Maine Rural Water Association’s Plumbing for Water and Wastewater Personnel, Oct. 1
Dana Tuttle will present a training on basic skills needed in the water and wastewater industries at the Maine Rural Water Association’s headquarters in Richmond on Oct. 1, at the Lewiston Public Safety Building, 103 Adams Sreet. The day-long course will earn you 6 hours in Internal Plumbing or Subsurface Wastewater.
For those in need of Internal Plumbing or Subsurface Wastewater credits before the end of the recertification cycle 1/31/15, please strongly consider attending.
See the attached brochure for more information. Registration is handle directly by MRWA, so please contact Cindy Wade, 737-4092, if you have any questions. Thanks!

Plumbing Training Brochure

Please contact Cindy Wade at the Maine Rural Water Association if you have any questions – 737-4092.